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El Salvador: Prosecutors Accuse Ex-President Alfredo Cristiani of Authorizing Massacre Against Jesuits



The case was retried in January 2022 to try the alleged mastermind. The civil war ended on 16 January 1992 with the signing of a peace agreement between the government and the guerrillas of the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front. The conflict has left more than 75,000 dead, 7,000 missing, and cost the economy millions of dollars.

of foundation The president of El Salvador confirmed on Monday that his former president said: Alfred Cristiani Authorized the assassination of six Jesuit priests and two female soldiers in 1989.

The former president attended meetings to coordinate and order military operations, according to the public ministry. As several witnesses have said.

The crime they are accused of is Homicide, acts of terrorism, complicity in acts of terrorism, procedural fraud, and concealment of individuals.

All of the above, since the former deputy Rudolph Parker When he acted as a lawyer, he tried to cover up who was responsible.

The other defendants were soldiers who were in command at the time of the massacre.

They are all identified as Juan Rafael Bustillo, Juan Orlando Zepeda, Rafael Umerto Larios, Innocente Orlando Montano, Carlos Camilo Hernandez, Nelson Iván Lopez, report “Printer”.

Alfredo Cristiani will remain involved in Jesuit massacre in El Salvador

The massacre took place on the UCA campus in San Salvador, the capital.

Among the victims are the Spaniards, ideologues of liberation theology. Ignacio Eracria After that, he was president of UCA.

Investigators say Cristiani made several phone calls before the massacre.

Spaniard died Ignacio Martin Barro, Segundo Montes, Amando Lopez and Juan Ramon Moreno. They, in addition to the Salvadorans, Joaquin Lopez, Elba Ramos, and their daughter Serena.

All of them were killed by soldiers of the Salvadoran Army’s Atlacatl Battalion during a guerrilla attack in San Salvador.

In September 1991, according to humanitarian groups, a court tried nine soldiers who were listed as authors of material without regard to intellectual authorship.

Colonel William Alfred Benavidez Convicted of all murders, Lieutenant Jussi Rene Mendoza He was held responsible for the death of a minor Serena.

The case was also tried in Spain, where in September 2020 the National Court sentenced Colonel Innocente Orlando Montano Morales to 133 years in prison.

Source: Biobiochile

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