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Chilean gang accused of traveling to Spain to rob house



The Chile-backed operation enabled the dismantling of Chilean gangs who had traveled to Spain to raid homes. 8 detainees.

of spanish police be Chilean criminal gang Consists of individuals who have traveled from this country to raid Iberian country homes. Eight people were detained in the operation, with the cooperation of the Chilean police.

As reported by Spanish police this Friday, the group acted as follows: “Chilean Spear” That is, he “travels from Chile to carry out criminal activities and then returns to the country.” higher criminal status .

The arrest was made in the Spanish region. Catalonia . From there, the group traveled to other parts of the country and committed violent robberies at their homes, according to a police statement.

Of the eight detainees, “seven of them agreed to go to jail.” temporary prison One of our members is serving a sentence for similar conduct,” the memo read.

Working with the Chilean police “facilitated the identification of the various members of the gang who committed the crime” extensive criminal record in your country,” he added.

A joint investigation by the Spanish police and the Mossos Deskadra, the Catalan regional police, succeeded in arresting three suspected gang members. This is reportedly they were trying to break into the house and the rest were arrested after searching another house.

Police found items that may have been stolen from these records.is about 75 luxury watches, gold jewelry and gems luxury handbags and perfumes, cash.

The group is credited with participating in at least 26 facts .

Source: Biobiochile

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