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UN thinks it is too early to consider what happened at Kayovka Dam a war crime



The United Nations Office for Human Rights has called for an independent investigation into what happened at Ukraine’s Kayovka Dam. For now, they think it is premature to say that this was a war crime by Russia.

How is your holiday this week? Kakhovkadam A Ukrainian government spokesman said it was “premature” to consider the catastrophe a war crime as the damage in southern Ukraine was “not yet fully understood”. United Nations office for human rights.

“It’s too early to consider the question of whether. It’s a war crime.” firm spokesman Jeremy Lawrence said at a press conference, but still reiterated the firm’s request. ‘Independent and impartial’ investigation A scene from the disaster that occurred in the lower Dnieper.

Lawrence also urged Russian authorities to allow UN agencies and humanitarian groups access to Russian-occupied territories in flooded areas to find out the truth. Impact of dam failure It is also on the left bank of the river.

Deliberate attacks on civilian infrastructure This could be considered a war crime under international law, and the UN Fact-Finding Mission to Ukraine has previously accused Russian aggressors of this kind of human rights violations throughout more than 15 months of war.

Lawrence emphasized the Kayovka catastrophe: violating the rights of citizens From communities to housing, health and safety.

“Many people are evacuating their homes, leaving everything behind, not knowing if they will lose them forever, hospitals are flooded and much of the medical care they need during this critical time has been denied.” emphasized the spokesperson.

Lawrence warned of risks in waterborne disease outbreak areas, including: cholera or diarrhea “Water levels are very high,” while thousands have lost access to what used to be the region’s main source of drinking water.

A spokesman for the office, headed by High Commissioner Volker Türk, reiterated his concerns: antipersonnel mine Other weapons were washed away by the water released after the dam burst.

“The entire flooded area could be considered a mine-contaminated area,” he said.

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