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Vox Congressman Guarantees Salvador Allende’s ‘Cuban Dictatorship’ Has Been Stopped in Chile



Socialist Party lawmaker Javi López called for “legal action” against Congressman Herman Terch. This came after the Vox far-right asserted that the “dictatorship” of former President Salvador Allende has been “suspended” in Chile.

with controversy; Coup 50th Anniversary It has also arrived in Chile Europe .

this is, Member of the Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) Javi Lopez asked the European Parliament “Legal Consequences” for one of his friends far right vox .

Having said that, “Stopped” He is former president salvador allende “I was preparing.” dictatorship Like the one in Cuba” in Chile.

Controversial Quotes from Rep. Vox

socialist lopez Requested an order point before the voting session and, behavioral obligation number of members of parliament protesting against the statement Hermann Terch .

Specifically, he said, “I didn’t kill anyone.” Allende that Allende “He was preparing a dictatorship like Cuba, but it stopped.”

Lopez responded that freedom of expression “doesn’t justify it.” assassination It does not justify 17 years of dictatorship dozens of Thousands of people were killed, disappeared, and tortured. ” .

Add “because” I call on the Presidency to consider the legal implications. for these unfair and intolerant statements. ”

President of the European Parliament, Roberta Mezzola promised Lopez. Check out the record of that moment Ask questions about your services and get back to them with answers. And since it is an order point, The vote proceeded without giving the right to speak. To no one else.

In response to the, Mr. Telch asserted his “right of reply.” And although he said he spoke only “the truth about Chile,” the chair of the case he closed the microphone .

Further, he replied that he had not given the right to speak, but that he could give the right to speak. Request point of order later in the plenary session.

Telc Criticized that the title of a parliamentary exchange dedicated to Mr. Allende spoke of his murder, despite the fact that the Chilean politician committed suicide, and that “the dictatorship continues.” I said no. Pinochet It lasted for 16 years and, as everyone said, this country was left behind. thriving democracy .

Their presence in the discussion was high. European Union Representative for Foreign Policy; Josep Borrell refused to respond to intervention. Vox MEP .

Despite the above, he declared: I think we all know a page of that history And frankly, I believe the greatest disrespect is ungratefulness. ”

“therefore, I’m not going to bother answering some of your words. These are the people who spoke in this chamber this afternoon,” Borrell concluded.

Source: Biobiochile

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