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“Full support” and “old friend”: President Vladimir Putin’s words as he welcomed Kim Jong Un in Russia



President Vladimir Putin affirmed today that there is scope for military and space cooperation with North Korea after a meeting with communist leader Kim Jong Un.

Vladimir Putin, He greeted North Korean leader Kim Jong Un at the Vostochny Cosmodrome in eastern Russia on Wednesday afternoon.

All this comes ahead of a summit that many governments and analysts fear will end in an agreement on swapping weapons and military technology.

“There are certain restrictions. Russia abides by all these restrictions, but, of course, there are things we can talk about (…). “There are prospects here too,” Putin said in a statement to public television. . Russia-1.

Putin was referring to international sanctions against the Asian country that limit arms exchanges with North Korea.

“Russia is a self-sufficient country. But within the framework of the current rules, we may also be considering and discussing it,” he said.

He highlighted that both countries have “interesting projects” in their portfolios in rail, road transport and port infrastructure.

President Putin and Chairman Kim also spoke about the development of Russia’s sector of agriculture. “Of course we have something to offer.”

Details about Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un

“We are sending humanitarian aid to the country, but in addition to that aid there is also the possibility of operating on an equal footing. And the prospects here are not bad,” he said.

Next, the Kremlin spokesperson said: Dmitry Peskov He emphasized that the Russian government had raised the “possibility of cooperation in the space field” with North Korea.

“We are responsible members of the United Nations Security Council (…). At the same time, North Korea is our neighbor and despite all reservations and accusations against us, we are committed to developing relations with our neighbor. I’m going to go,” he said.

Peskov asserted that this cooperation is aimed at the “prosperity” of the peoples of both countries. “And I’m not against anyone.”

“North Korea is seriously interested in reviving our cooperation. We will revitalize every sector from transportation to aviation,” he said.

President Putin and Kim Jong-un held talks Wednesday at Russia’s Vostochny Cosmodrome in Siberia’s Amur region, where the North Korean leader “I’m very interested in rockets.” According to the Kremlin chief.

North Korea has unsuccessfully launched two military reconnaissance satellites this year, and plans to try again in October.

North Korea’s arms transfers to Russia

Hours before the summit between Putin and Kim, North Korea launched two short-range ballistic missiles (SRBMs) into the Sea of ​​Japan. (It is called Tokai in both countries).

According to the newspaper new york times, President Putin wants North Korea to sell Russian artillery shells and anti-tank missiles for the Ukraine war.

Meanwhile, North Korea will seek not only oil production and food aid, but also advanced technology to build satellites and nuclear submarines.

The United States reminded both countries that “arms transfers from North Korea to Russia would violate multiple United Nations Security Council resolutions.”

The White House and State Department said they would “not hesitate to impose new sanctions if necessary.”

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