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Peru temporarily closes more than 100 ports due to potential high waves



Port of Chancay, Peru / European Press Archive.

Port of Chancay, Peru / European Press Archive.

Peru’s National Civil Defense Institute (INDECI) announced on Wednesday that it would temporarily close up to 102 ports on Peru’s coast for at least 24 hours after recording possible strong waves.

In light of this situation, INDECI called on local governments to “avoid exposure to this phenomenon and instruct the public on specific protective measures to prevent accidents and damage to persons and property.”

Similarly, authorities recommended the suspension of fishing activities and the withdrawal of small vessels and fleets to the mainland. “Sports and recreational activities should be avoided during the surfing period,” he said.

Finally, INDECI said it continues to monitor the situation in contact with the Disaster Risk Management Office in order to “inform authorities and the general public about the events that have occurred.”

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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