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Check out September’s bonuses and grants here: where to apply and how to receive them.



There is a group of state bonuses that are paid in September. Check the dates and payment methods for each aid here.

September is scheduled because some state benefits are paid during this period. Therefore, considering the expenses of families celebrating national holidays, the coupons help cover the shopping costs.

Throughout this month, various financial donations will be provided to ease the financial burden of Chilean families. See the list below.

September bonus for pensioners

This bonus for pensioners is Social Security Institute (IPS)A one-time payment will be made to beneficiaries from August 31st, along with their September pension.

The base amount of this year’s bonus is $23,261 per pensioner. However, he would add $11,933 to this amount for each family member.

This benefit is granted to pensioners belonging to the Social Security Institute, the Dipreka and Kapredena Provident Fund, the Labor Security Association, and the Employers’ Mutual Fund of the Industrial Accidents Act.

Last payment for September: Apprentice Grant

This is a monthly subsidy that gives workers $200,000 for each boy or girl under the age of five. Payment of the Protege subsidy will be made from September 11th, corresponding to the last grant.

However, you can check if you have received this subsidy by using a unique code on the Sence website. click here.

school performance bonus

School Performance Bonuses are awarded to students in the top 30% of grades in grades 5 through 4.

Remember, this is a benefit you don’t claim for yourself and is part of your Ethical Family Income (IEF). This bonus is also compatible with other state transfers and grants.

This contribution will be paid on September 15 and 16, 2023 through the BancoEstado AccountRut.

Youth employment subsidy

The Youth Employment Subsidy allows working women and men (aged 18 to 24 years and 11 months) to apply for state benefits that are paid in two ways: monthly or annually.

To receive this contribution, workers must belong to the 40% family group with the lowest income or greatest socio-economic vulnerability, according to the Social Household Register.

The payment date for the youth employment subsidy will be September 29th (Friday).

Source: Biobiochile

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