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“What if it were the other way around?”: VOX lawmaker’s reaction to compliment from Afghan refugee goes viral



The reaction of a lawmaker from the Spanish political party VOX to an Afghan refugee who praised him in the middle of a session went viral on social networks and sparked a wide debate.

According to Spanish media, ABCthe event occurred during the committee of Parliament of Catalonia It was posted in May 2022, but only recently went viral after being shared by the congressman himself.

That moment happened after that Rashid’s motto The refugee from Islamic State appeared in parliament and spoke on asylum policy before the External Affairs, Transparency and Cooperation Committee.

At one point, Rashid picks up the microphone and looks straight into the Alberto Taladas The VOX representative told him: “Look, you’re handsome and I liked you until you opened your mouth.”

The deputy did not miss the opportunity to reply with a smile and a hint of feminism.

“I appreciate your compliments, and I appreciate them.” He started pointing.

“I want to give it back to him, but I can’t. If I give it back, “Feminist Kalos will completely expel me from this Congress.” he added.

“The culture of praise is over. I’m sorry.” he added.

Although this conversation took place over a year ago, Mr. Taladas recently shared it on his X account to raise questions.

“What would have happened if this situation had been reversed?” he wrote, eliciting all sorts of reactions from users.

“If a VOX representative cited a performer’s appearance as a reason, he or she would break the news,” said one response the magazine received, while another user pointed out: did. I was called. ”

Source: Biobiochile

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