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Marcel on Chile Day: Adjustments to stabilize Chile’s economy are “already taking place”



“In addition to the more structural characteristics of the Chilean economy, the solidity of the institutions and the political stability, I think all of this creates a very favorable environment for investors,” Finance Minister Mario Marcel said midway through his speech. Stated. He visited London for Chili Day.

Finance Minister Mario Marcel declared this while attending Chile Day in London. Domestic economic adjustment is ‘fundamentally occurring’ It then compares, in turn, how the remaining foreign countries continue to deal with “the impact of the crisis, which later manifests itself in increased inflation, and all that is relevant in terms of the impact this has on financial markets.” .

In an interview with bloombergMarcel emphasized the downward trend in inflation, saying that it is “already one-third of what it was a year ago and will reach the central bank’s target early next year.”

“So all this Imbalance and uncertainty factors At the macroeconomic level in Chile, fortunately, they are already under control and have consequences,” he said.

Marcel participates in Chili Day

The purpose of the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s visit to the capital of England was to: attract investment Mainly to the country Mining and green hydrogen . This stands out given the lackluster results posted by companies such as Codelco and Enami while the government seeks to capitalize on the lithium boom.

Furthermore, both public and private companies are promoting investment in the green hydrogen industry.

In relation to the above, the Minister explained to specialized media as follows: very strong demand for copper This comes from further structural changes around the world towards electromobility. In terms of prices, the situation appears to be much better than usual at a time when major economies are contracting. ”

Attractiveness for investors

The Minister of State also emphasized that: Processing mining royalties In the context of providing certainty for the attraction and participation of investors in the Chilean economy.

Furthermore, Marcel commented: There are no plans to change the tax system. This also applies to foreign investors. exclude Involves investment incentives or in connection with R&D (research and development) costs.

“We believe that all of this, in addition to the more structural characteristics of the Chilean economy: institutional solidity and political stability, create a recession. A very favorable environment for investors Especially at a time when risk appetite is still low,” the Treasury portfolio chief said in an interview with Bloomberg.

Source: Biobiochile

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