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Lawmakers send letter to Biden demanding declassification of new files on his role in coup



A group of parliamentarians aims to “fight denialism and misinformation” against the backdrop of the 50th anniversary of the coup. To that end, it has requested the declassification of new files, including those released by the U.S. government last month.

group of 28 members of the Diet signed a letter with the purpose of US seeks declassification of additional files related to September 11, 1973 .

Specifically, these are the following documents: Ministry of Justice he US Department of Defense , intelligence agency And that meeting .

Lawmakers praised the Biden administration’s cooperation, but explained: Hate speech finds fertile soil Congress and the country need to put an end to its proliferation. false information .

Letter to Biden signed from PC to DC

“The only way we can fight is denialism And lies are created through information and knowledge. We make this request by May new generations never again allow our sovereignty to be violated by foreign powers. “Who is trying to control our history?” Deputy Diego Ibáñez (CS) .

This initiative Supported by 28 members of parliament range from communist party to christian democracy .

In this regard, Senator Jasna Provoste (DC) He pointed out: better democracy We need truth, transparency and remembrance. ”

“As a society, we have a responsibility to know,” he added. What really happened in the 70’s A few years before the coup and during the dictatorship that followed.

on the other hand, Deputy Carol Cariola (PC) He said: The United States itself has admitted to participating. “There are some right-wing political circles that deny that.”

In the same sense, Senator Fabiola Kampilai He explained: There are still many reports to dig into and reveal the truth All American actions taken before, during, and after the coup. ”

lastly, Socialist Party member Daniel Manuchefri He pointed out that in addition to the above, you need to know: “The role they played during the dictatorship” because historical truth “It contributes to our democracy.”

List of MPs who have signed:

– Diego Ibáñez, Deputy Director of Social Convergence
– Isabel Allende, Socialist Senator
– Juan Ignacio Latorre, Senator and Representative of the Democratic Revolution
– Jasna Provoste, Christian Democratic Senator
– Ivan Flores, Christian Democratic Senator
– Ricardo Lagos Weber, PPD Senator
– Maria Loreto Carvajal, PPD Senator
– Esteban Velasquez, FRVS Senator
– Fabiola Kampilai, Independent Senator
– Alejandra Sepulveda, Independent Senator
– Alfonso de Uresti, Socialist Senator
– José Miguel Insurza, Socialist Senator
– Daniel Manucelli, Socialist Party Deputy
– Daniela Cicardini, Socialist Party Deputy
– Juan Santana, Socialist Party Deputy
– Gonzalo Winter, Deputy Social Convergence

Source: Biobiochile

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