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A luxury cruise ship with more than 200 people stranded off the coast of Greenland



All rescue attempts have failed so far

A cruise ship with 206 passengers and crew members ran aground off the coast of Greenland on Monday, and three passengers also contracted covid-19. A Danish ship went to help, but due to bad weather, it is not expected to reach Greenland until Friday.

The Ocean Explorer ship is stuck in the mud off the rocky east coast of Greenland, about 1,400 kilometers northeast of the Greenlandic capital Nuuk. Passengers have been waiting for help since then, and three of them fell ill covid-19 and are waiting in isolation. All other people on board are safe and sound.

The crew tried several times to save the vessel themselves, but it was not possible due to the strong waves. A fishing research vessel also came to the rescue on Wednesday Tarajoq, which is owned by the Greenlandic government. It tried to push and move the passenger ship during the high tide, but failed to do so, CNN reported. That’s why they are in Copenhagen a larger Danish military vessel was sent to help Cnud Rasmussen, which has to sail about 2,200 kilometers to reach the passenger ship.

The luxurious Ocean Explorer cruise ship was built for expedition trips to the farthest reaches destinations in the world, says Aurora’s website Expeditionswho owns the vessel.

Source: Rtvslo

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