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Ukraine shoots down 17 Iranian-made, Russian-made drones



Ukraine reported this Thursday that it had shot down 17 of the 22 Russian drones that attacked its territory in the southern, central and northern parts of the country in the early hours of the morning.

“A total of 22 ‘Shahed’ (drone) launches were confirmed.” The announcement was made by the Ukrainian military through a Telegram message in the regions of Mykolaiv (southern), Zaporizhia (southern), Dnipropetrovsk (central east) and Sumy (northeast), AFP news agency reported.

“According to the results of the night battle, 17 out of 22 enemy “Shahed-136/131” air raid drones were destroyed. This is for anti-aircraft defense,” the message added.

ukrainian air force did not provide information on possible damage or casualties Nor did it say where the device was shot down.

Russia initially tried to bomb targets in Ukraine with missiles, but this year it has increased its interest in drones. “Shahed” Some unmanned devices acquired from Iran are small and slow and can confuse air defenses.

Russia has also stepped up its attacks on the southern regions of Odessa (in the south) and Mykolaiv, which have important ports and platforms for Black Sea trade.

Source: Biobiochile

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