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Rota Supermarket is the most expensive in Chile for holiday shopping, according to Cernac research



Cernac said the difference in price from the cheapest basket in the country is nearly 15,000 pesos.

rota supermarket Most expensive in Chile According to a survey conducted by the National Consumer Service, public holiday purchases (Cernak), in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture and the Office of Agricultural Research and Policy.

In that sense, the difference between this basket and the cheapest at the national level is About 15,000 pesos .

When analyzing supermarket chains that put everything in the cart, Cernak said: We have detected significant price differences for each of the products that make up it. mainly found in meat products and their derivatives.

In this analysis, The 14 products and quantities needed for a typical four-person basket were considered. A representative of the celebrations of September 18th.

The list consists of: 1 leaf of lettuce, butcher’s roast, 1.2 kg each of pork ribs and chicken breasts, 300 g of green chillies, 1 kg of first-class rice, 2 liters of disposable fantasy drink, 2.5 kg of charcoal, 0.5 kg of onions, 1 kg of half marqueta, potatoes 1 kg, 1 kg tomatoes, 1 kg lemons, 700 g grilled sausages. .

Analyzing by commune, we find the cheapest “Canasta Dieciochera” in the commune of Olmue; It was $37,291 At Santa Isabel Supermarket.

Meanwhile, the most expensive basket was found at Unimarc’s Lotina branch. Price is $55,087 . That’s a difference of about 15,000 pesos.

Javier Sepulveda, Minister of the Economy of Viobio, appealed to the people: “Quote” To “cherish your notebook” for these celebrations

Meanwhile, Flor Weiss, a member of the House of Commons Economics Committee who represents the region, gave a similar speech.

Meanwhile, Paola Fuentschmann, national director of the Free Fair Association and president of the Rota Free Fair Independent Federation, pointed out that the above could be an opportunity. Enabling communities to choose local commerce .

Similarly, he said that the total of “18th century baskets” You can save up to 25% Compare it to what you can buy at a supermarket chain.

Please note that the Rota Free Fair is the only fair that attracts the attention of the general public. every day of the year of the three existing supermarkets in the commune. Two are from the Unimarc chain .

Additionally, for pricing details for various products and a complete analysis of Sernac, please visit the following website: www.sernac.cl.

Source: Biobiochile

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