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In Serbia, taxi drivers had their vehicles seized and hotels fined for transporting defectors



Every day up to 1500 attempts to cross the border illegally

A renewed increase in the number of defectors was detected in Serbia. This week, during actions in several cities, including Belgrade, 620 people were moved to reception centers. Due to the illegal transportation of defectors, the vehicles of 43 taxi drivers were confiscated.

In addition, misdemeanor proceedings were initiated against dozens of hotels and other accommodation providers, as well as four criminal charges for alleged smuggling.

In recent months, there have been several similar actions in Serbia, especially in Vojvodina, where there are most of those who want to illegally cross the border with Hungary and continue their journey to the west. “We want to make sure that defectors are accommodated in reception rooms centerswhich are intended for them, so that everyone who moves has suitable documents and that there are as few conflicts as possible between defectors,” he said Dragan VasiljevićDeputy Director of Police.

They mostly come from Syria, Pakistan and Afghanistan, increasingly from Turkey. The weapons found, which originate from Serbia or Kosovo, and which cast a bad light on all defectors, belong to members of smuggling, criminal gangs that have existed for a long time and between which conflicts occur.

Rados Djurovicdirector of Belgrade center for the protection and assistance of asylum seekers, said: “They are fighting for the territory from which they are smuggling. There is a blood feud between some groups. The new defectors, terrorists and bullies are not fighting.”

In the past months, there have been several reports of shootings, explosions, including deaths and wounded defectors. Some have become part of the dirty business, which is even more profitable at the expense of Hungary, which otherwise protected itself with a double wire fence. However, up to 1,500 attempts to cross the border illegally are observed every day.

Djurović added: “Hungarian authorities illegally return 700 people to Serbia every day. They literally drive them away. These people again fall into the clutches of smugglers, who again demand payment from them. And so they are in a vicious circle.”

In Serbian reception rooms centers there are currently around 3,500 defectors, but many are still waiting for the opportunity in the open, at the borders, as well as elsewherefor example in Belgrade.

Source: Rtvslo

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