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Mr. Bloomer will be fined for providing false information to Mr. Cernapesca and may have to shut down the salmon cycle.



Cernapesca said the company provided false information about administering drug treatments for parasites that attach to the skin, gills and fins of fish and can cause a variety of problems in salmon.

he Sernapesca Eisen’s letter/guarantee court found the company guilty in the first instance. Bloomer SA The company was required to pay a fine of 500 UTM and stop the salmon production cycle (as it was a first instance ruling, the company may appeal).

the above, for providing false information to Cernapesca. Specific health programs for the monitoring and control of Kalygidosis, in particular the date on which pharmacological baths were implemented in the Concheo 2 cultivation center.

The company – Sernapesca said in a statement – “Provided false information regarding the implementation of drug treatment.” Hexaflumuron in carigas, a parasite that attaches to the skin, gills, and fins of fish and can cause a variety of problems in salmon, including skin irritation, gill damage, general weakness, stress, and even death. has been combined. ”

Calligidosis can also cause growth retardation, especially in parasitic fish.

“The content of false information is Faking the completion date of drug treatment. This constitutes a violation of the provision of false information in the last paragraph of Article 113 of the General Law on Fisheries and Aquaculture,” said Jorge Padilla, Regional Director of Cernapesca Aysén.

“In February 2020, we conducted an inspection to confirm the health of Concheo 2 cultivation center. “Through a review of tickets and records, we can confirm that there were no fish bathing operations on the dates reported by the company, while there were fish bathing operations between November 27 and 28, 2019. .” he added.

The purpose of Kaligas bath Control parasite load To ensure the animal welfare of salmon.

always this toilet You must notify Cernapesca in advance. Monitoring, remotely or in-person, that proper drug management is in place, that is, that the right medication is being used at the right time and in the set concentration, among other considerations established by law. can do.

Regarding production cycle stoppages, It is absolutely prohibited to release fish They will be transferred to a cultivation center for a certain period of time and will be unable to carry out their own production operations.

Source: Biobiochile

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