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Unimark refuted analysis showing Cernak selling the most expensive 18th basket



According to the supermarket chain, “the lack of rigor in conducting the survey has affected consumer confidence in sensitive factors such as product prices and the relationship between customers and supermarkets.”

“Supermarket chain “Unimark” Methodological inconsistencies have been pointed out. In the Price Monitoring of Dishiokera Basket announced by the National Consumer Affairs Authority (Cernac) yesterday. ”

Mr. Cernak said variouseighteen baskets“, where cheap Compatible with chain “Santa Isabel” ($38,301) and Unimark It topped the most expensive list ($53,980) and showed the following differences: $15,679 .

The supermarket chain said the study “lacks rigor in the preparation of comparisons” and, in its view, “cause confusion and mistakes Influence consumers’ purchasing decisions.

What is the reasoning behind Unimarc’s reasoning?

“Basketball doesn’t compare.”

The company, which is part of SMU, claims that “[Cernac’s]research does not indicate other factors necessary for comparison, such as the brand of each product compared or the diversity of fresh and frozen products.” are doing.

For this reason, Unimarc asserts that: identical product ”.

Next is the “uniformity of information sources.” Sernac indicates that the data comes from a “price observatory” that consolidates food values ​​from various supermarkets and commercial establishments across the country.

However, Unimark commented that some supermarkets “do not have online sales, so prices from different sources would have been compared”.

They also point out that: Price acquisition period This study does not allow us to be confident that the time periods compared are the same. ”

Additionally, “The Canasta Dieciochera tool published on the Sernac website compares baskets containing different amounts of products; for example, a basket containing 14 products in one supermarket versus a basket containing 14 products in another supermarket. “Comparing baskets with fewer items. Misleading to consumers,” they explained in a statement.

“In conclusion, the lack of rigorous research has affected consumer confidence in sensitive factors such as product prices and the relationship between customers and supermarkets,” they said from Unimarc.

18th century basket prices

With Cernac for the national holiday Ministry of Agriculture and Government a, we conducted a comparative study of the aforementioned “”.18th basket”.

According to the organization, the analysis details are as follows. 14 products some of which include butcher’s roast, grade 1 rice, charcoal, grilled sausage, potatoes and tomatoes.

In this sense, Santa Isabel was found to be the cheapest supermarket chain at $38,301 per basket, while Unimarc was the most expensive at $53,980.

Results for Líder Express ($43,348), Tottus ($43,491), Jumbo ($48,339), and Hiper Lider ($49,227) are also mentioned.

A total of 17 chains were analyzed (Abugosh, El Canario, Santa Isabel, Jumbo, El 9, Familia Center, Mayorista 10, Provimarket, Puritan, Rofil, Super 10, Tottus, Único, Unimarc, Lider, Hiper Lider). did.

Source: Biobiochile

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