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Electronic disaster prevention pocket: Check benefit amount and access method



The benefit is intended for the purchase of construction materials for families affected by the August storm and is the payment system for BancoEstado’s CuentaRUT to access the purchase of construction materials and hardware.

From this Thursday, September 14th, social assistance payments, known as electronic emergency pockets, began. This is a one-time financial donation that will be delivered to a group of families affected by the August frontline system.

Best of all, this is a benefit paid directly by the state, which reaches 7,724 people. Therefore, it is aimed at purchasing construction materials and hardware items.

How much is the aid amount?

That amount ranges from $901,747 for lots with light residential damage to $1,803,494 for lots with moderate damage, according to housing information in the Basic Emergency File.

  • Little impact: $901,747
  • Median influence: $1,803,494
  • It is worth mentioning that the Basic Emergency File (FIBE) is a survey that allows you to collect information from families who have an emergency with their belongings or residence.

    What is the exigent condition of interest?

  • earthquake.
  • tsunami.
  • Alluvium.
  • Forest fire.
  • What is the form of payment?

    This is a benefit, which is a monetary contribution paid through direct deposit to Banco Estado’s CuentaRut.

    E-Pocket, on the other hand, has an option to enable or disable it. Of course, the enabled option is included by default in the first post, but you can also disable it.

    How to know if you are a beneficiary

    You can browse specially enabled website search engines. click here.

    Ministry of Social Development

    It should be taken into account that with the “deactivation” option, purchases are only possible by top-up to the RUT account balance until the beneficiary decides to activate. Details can be found on the official website.

    “To avail this benefit, a Basic Emergency File (Fibe) registration is required, applied by the Ministry of Social Development and Family Affairs and Local Government, and a BancoEstado RUT account must be activated,” it is reported. Official web.

    Finally, Beneficiaries cannot transfer funds from CuentaRUT to Pocket or from Pocket to CuentaRUT.

    Source: Biobiochile

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