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Fake?: Mexico’s ‘alien mummy’ may have been made of animal bones, paper and glue



Various experts and archaeologists specializing in mummification preservation have rejected the idea that these remains are real, even accusing them of being made of animal or human bones and joined with synthetic glue. .

This week’s UFO researcher Jaime Moussin And other experts declared in Mexico’s House of Representatives that there were two bodies. “Non-human beings” (commonly known as extraterrestrial mummies) ) It is said to have been discovered in the Peruvian towns of Palpa and Nazca, south of Lima.

These were five bodies of different sizes, which caused a huge debate as to whether they were real or not. “alien” or real human.

The report is “Alien Mummy” Presented at a public hearing on a possible UFO bill in Mexico.

Professor Mussan said the remains were more than 1,000 years old, according to research by the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

He later stated that he was solely concerned with determining the age of the given samples.

The bodies discovered today San Luis Gonzaga University Ica (only) was cataloged in 2017 as a great archaeological find.

Nevertheless, this finding was completely denied by the government. World Commission for Mummy Research, The most important organization in mummy research.

This is in addition to the statement of forensic archaeologist Flavio Estrada, who provided a detailed report on these remains.

Fake?: Mexican alien mummy likely made of animal bones, paper and glue
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“They are pieces made from animal and human bones held together with synthetic glue. These are covered with a mixture of vegetable fibers and synthetic glue to mimic the type of skin,” he says. I did.

The Institute of Physics at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) denied that the object Morsan allegedly showed belonged to living organisms. “Something that is not human” As stated by experts.

UNAM’s National Accelerator Mass Spectrometry Laboratory (LEMA) emphasized that: “Any use of the results it emits is disclaimed.”

Despite all this, UFO researchers claimed: “These are not mummies. They are complete, complete remains.”

“They are not internally manipulated and have a set of elements that make them truly extraordinary,” he concluded.

Source: Biobiochile

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