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NASA plans to scientifically investigate the UFO phenomenon



Bill Nelson, NASA/AFP Administrator.

Bill Nelson, NASA/AFP Administrator.

NASA announced Thursday that it intends to scientifically address the UFO problem, according to a new expert report released by the U.S. space agency. UFOs are an intriguing and unidentified aerial phenomenon, but there is no evidence that they are of extraterrestrial origin.

The document, written by a group of scientists and aeronautics experts, is the culmination of several months of research and is the culmination of months of research that will allow NASA to take the lead in the future study of UFOs, which have been renamed “Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena” (UAPs). We encourage them to fulfill their role in this role. ).

At the same time, NASA announced the creation of a director position responsible for researching these phenomena. As with the report’s 16 authors, it has not yet been revealed who will fill the new role due to fears of harassment.

The report, commissioned by an independent committee in June, represents “a concrete first step for NASA to seriously investigate these unexplained events.” , NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said at a press conference.

The aim, he claimed, was to move the debate “from the realm of sensationalism to the realm of science.”

Further data

NASA defines these phenomena as “an event in the sky that cannot be scientifically identified as an airplane or a known natural phenomenon.”

Most of the strange celestial observations, especially those reported by pilots, are “explainable,” astrophysicist David Spergel, who chaired the expert group’s research committee, declared Thursday.

In many cases, they turn out to be “planes, balloons, drones, weather phenomena,” or even are associated with the observation equipment itself, he said.

Some remain unexplained, mainly due to a lack of accurate data on each event, the document said.

Experts are calling for a “rigorous data collection campaign”. The “importance of detecting” these phenomena with multiple properly calibrated sensors is fundamental, and NASA has great “experience” in this area, he emphasizes.

The report also recommends that the public become more involved in this issue, for example by developing applications to collect recordings made by mobile phones.

Nicola Fox, NASA’s associate administrator for science, said Thursday that the agency is working to collect more data, including through observations by citizens and pilots. “We want civilian, civil and military pilots to know that if they see something, they should say so,” he said.

To the future

However, the purpose of this report was not to examine each phenomenon that had already been observed, but to make recommendations on how they could be studied more rigorously in the future.

Experts advocating the use of artificial intelligence in data analysis have based their research on publicly available (unclassified) information for free discussion.

NASA has advocated the need for transparency to combat the preconceptions associated with the term UFO (unidentified flying object).

According to current knowledge, there is “no evidence available to suggest” that the observed phenomenon “is of extraterrestrial origin,” David Spergel recalled.

“I’ll report back on anything I find,” he promised. And he confessed: “If you ask me if I believe that life exists in a universe so vast that it is difficult to imagine, my personal answer is yes.”

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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