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Retail sales remain flat, with an average annual decline of 8.2% in the weeks of August



In the first week of August, sales increased by 1.7%. However, the results quickly reversed and showed negative numbers over the next three weeks.

Cumulative retail sales Average annual decrease of 8.2% In the weeks of August, this figure rises to 13.5% without taking into account the supermarket category.

result of weekly retail sales thermometerPrepared by. National Chamber of Commerce (CNC) sales performance continues to be weak with declines in June and July.

Chamber of Commerce Research Manager, Bernadette Silva “For example, we find that specialty stores reflected an average contraction of 7.5%, non-specialty stores decreased by 17.1%, and supermarkets reflected an average weekly real decline of 2.3%.” Month of the year. ”

A sales increase of 1.7% was recorded in the first week of August. However, the result is It quickly reversed The next three weeks showed negative numbers.

Finally, it rebounded 2.8% last week (September 28 to September 3). This is mainly explained by the strong performance of the supermarket sector.

CNC research department

Source: Biobiochile

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