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WHO warns that “only 58% of the world’s population has received a booster vaccination against the new coronavirus”



Dr. Maria van Kerkhove, the World Health Organization’s COVID-19 technical lead, said “there are still huge gaps in who is eligible for booster vaccinations” and that new variants are likely to be present. He argued that it is necessary to strengthen vaccinations against coronavirus infections. “Only 58% of the world’s population has received additional vaccinations.

Regarding vaccination coverage, Dr. Kerkhof said at a WHO press conference this Thursday that although he does not have data from all countries, “the vaccination coverage in the primary series worldwide is about 82%, and that percentage in older age groups.” explained in detail. , for booster vaccinations, “this figure is about 58 percent, whereas in Africa it is only 8 percent.”

“The booster coverage rate in the Eastern Mediterranean region is 27%, in Southeast Asia 30%, in the Americas 67%, in Europe 68% and in the Western Pacific region 75%,” he said, adding, It’s widespread,” he said. “There are wide disparities in uptake of booster vaccinations,” he said. “These are important age groups that need vaccination to prevent serious illness and death.”

Commenting on the increase in coronavirus infections in recent weeks, Dr. Kerkhof asserted: “Several countries are reporting an increase in cases, and even more worryingly, some countries in the Americas and Europe are showing that, in addition to early diagnosis and early clinical care, hospitalization and ICU admission and vaccination Vaccinations are increasing and the goal is to prevent severe illness and death.

For this reason, the expert insisted: “There is no need to wait for vaccination. It is still vitally important to save people’s lives, especially if they belong to a risk group.”

“The virus is evolving and changing, and we continue to monitor circulating variants. The hot variant EG.5 currently accounts for approximately 39% of sequences worldwide. And that Variant BA.2.86, “This is a variant that is being monitored, but its numbers are still small,” WHO experts warned.

Vaccines adapted to new variants of covid-19

Regarding the possibility of inoculation with vaccines adapted to new variants, such as the first monovalent XBB vaccine in the United States and the European Union, the WHO Expert Strategic Advisory Group on Immunization will meet within 10 days to “We plan to evaluate the use of a valent XBB vaccine.” XBB vaccine. ”

Similarly, he stressed that “they are also re-studying priority groups” and “definitely reinforcing the message to vaccinate those populations and re-vaccinate vaccinated populations.” I will do it,” he said.

“But the message is very clear: If people are at risk of severe illness or death, vaccination with the available coronavirus vaccines should not be delayed until these new vaccines are developed. No,” he warned.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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