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Honduras arrests and deports Salvadoran gang members at La Union border



Francisco Javier Alvarez Euseda, 24 years old, also known as

Francisco Javier Alvarez Euseda, 24 years old, also known as “El Murcielago”. Provided by: PNH

This Thursday, the Honduran National Police (PNH) handed over to the Salvadoran authorities Francisco Javier Álvarez Euseda (24 years old, alias “El Murcielago”), who was captured during a raid in the village of El Guayabo 2 in the Honduran municipality. Handed over. Nakaome is located in the southeastern part of the country.

Police said Álvarez Euseda’s arrest and deportation were due to his irregular presence in Honduran territory and pending court order in El Salvador for crimes committed by a terrorist organization. He said that.

Similarly, Honduran police said the captured man “has a police history of robbery and possession of weapons on Honduran territory.”

“The arrest was made possible after coordination and exchange of information with the Salvadoran Investigative Police, who had been monitoring the individual for several months,” PNH said before referring the suspect to immigration authorities for deportation. .

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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