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Macri’s former minister Patricia Bullrich says Macri is a “true alternative to Kirchnerism”



Patricia Bullulich, the Argentine presidential candidate of the opposition coalition Together for Change (centre-right), spoke at an event held in Buenos Aires this Thursday, attended by former Argentine President Mauricio Macri (2015-), and spoke about herself. boasted that it was a “true alternative to Kirchnerism.” 2019).

After making his support clear this week; Patricia Bullrich silences voices approaching Libertarian candidate Javier Millay Macri said he would look to the former president as Argentina’s representative abroad if he came to power — an event he said from the front row, a few seats away from Buenos Aires Mayor Horacio Rodríguez Larreta. I witnessed it.

“We were the only force that supported Kirchnerism, and now we must finish this work. We are a true alternative to Kirchnerism. “We were always there,” the former minister said. Macri spoke about security at the presentation of his book “From one day to another” held at the Faculty of Law of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA).

He was Minister of Labor (2000-2001) and Minister of Social Security (2001) with radical President Fernando de la Rúa (1999-2001), and said: “Everything will be done within 24 hours.” He commented that although he could not do so, he could show “trust” to Argentina.

“The first 24 hours will be critical because that’s where you lay the foundation for a series of things that will chart the path,” the opposition candidate said.

Mr. Bullrich advocated a government recipe that included state restructuring to reduce public spending, improved public health and education, and decisive action against crime, especially drug trafficking.

“The only policy to combat drug trafficking is a political decision, not a technical one. “The first thing we do is to bring things back to normal,” he said. “I intend to truly be the supreme commander of the Argentine armed forces,” he added. Troops. ”

He also reflected on the occupation of Casa Rosada on December 10, saying, “I believe this is the first of 1,460 days in which we will face the challenge of eradicating what Kirchnerism stands for in Argentina.” Ta.

In the PASO elections (primaries, open elections, simultaneous elections, compulsory elections), Together for Change came in second with 28% support, behind La Libertad Avanza (far-right), which received 29.86% support. It became a force that gathered together. This was higher than the ruling coalition Union por la Patria (Peronist) (27.28%).

However, Mr. Bulllich, the candidate selected in a lineup with Mr. Rodríguez Larreta, received the third most votes after the liberal Mr. Millay and the current economy minister and official candidate, Sergio Massa. He was a candidate.

Argentina will hold a general election on October 22nd to select the next resident of Casa Rosada from 2023 to 2027.

If any candidate reaches 45% or has at least 40% and a 10-point difference from the second round, a second round will be held on November 19th.

Source: Biobiochile

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