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These are the dates on which you can receive higher education for free.



In October, the Ministry of Education will announce the latest results on the initial allocation, renewal and call for free higher education. Meanwhile, the 2024 student benefit application dates will come into effect in the coming weeks.

Free tuition is a national boon, meaning students do not have to pay tuition fees or higher education fees during their degree. For this reason, this aid has a special availability date.

But it is the lowest-income 60% of the population that receives it. On the other hand, students must have some kind of undergraduate degree and be affiliated with the institution assigned to this stipend (in-person format only).

Therefore, the last publication of initial assignment results, updates, and appeals will be this Tuesday, October 3, 2023.

What are the requirements to take advantage of the free benefit and what are the important dates?

To define a student’s socio-economic classification, information collected through the Single Socio-Economic Accreditation Form (FUAS) submitted to the Ministry of Education is taken into account.

Please note that household income is calculated by adding together the income of family groups (children, elderly, disabled people).

How to check if you have something free

Please check your results portal to check the status of your benefits. click here.

To check the results of your application, you need to enter Rut.

Which institutions are participating in the free service?

Free educational institutions are those that meet the requirements set out in Law 21,091.


  • state
  • Non-state private companies are also included in art. 1981 No. 4 DFL.
  • A private organization, non-profit private law corporation, public law corporation that has been recognized for at least four years, is constituted or derives its legal personality from one of these, or is any other public law corporation recognized by law.
  • Professional Institutes (IP) and Technical Training Centers (CFT)

  • Be certified for at least four years.
  • It must be constituted as a non-profit legal entity or, if it has a manager, be a non-profit natural or legal person.
  • If you are a for-profit institution, you must declare to the Department of Education your determination to become a non-profit organization, as required by law.
  • Source: Biobiochile

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