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Victim of torture during Franco’s dictatorship testifies for the first time in Spain in almost 50 years



For the first time since 1975, victims of Franco’s dictatorship will testify in court. His testimony could open the door for hundreds of victims who have already come forward with charges related to the crimes.

For the first time in history, and after his death, Francisco Franco in 1975, victim of torture dictatorship I will make the declaration before a Spanish judge this Friday.

This is the first case to be brought before the court, as all previous claims of this kind had been rejected by the court. Amnesty Act of 1977.

Before the new law takes effect democratic mnemonic Hundreds of complaints were filed by people who suffered retaliation.

After the new law, a new series of complaints were filed, one of which was as follows: About Julio Pacheco Yepes, Processing is allowed first.

Pacheco Yepes A member of the anti-Franco student organization, he was 19 years old when he was arrested by the secret police in August 1975.

At the Directorate General of Security in central Madrid, He was tortured for many days, According to his testimony, he would later be imprisoned. Terrorism accusation.

Nearly 50 years after those events, Pacheco Yepes filed a complaint for his actions in February. the four torturers In a courtroom in Madrid.

The court issued a decision allowing a process that no Spanish court had ever undertaken before.

Crimes against humanity during the Franco dictatorship in Spain

Approved by Judge Ana Maria Iguacer “Possibility of existence” of the crime of “Crimes against humanity and torture”

Pacheco Yepez has since been subpoenaed to testify, first in his suspended appointment in July, and then again this Friday.

Judge Iguacer also requested to hear statements from the defendants and requested records of the incident from the police and court. National Archives, You will then need to decide whether to start a trial or file documents.

One of those accused by Pacheco Yepez was Jose Manuel Villarejo, A shadowy figure involved in numerous scandals involving the business and political elite, he was sentenced to 19 years in prison for espionage last June.

From the National Assistance Coordinator for Argentine Complaints (CEAQUA) “They want to prove that the torture that Julio Pacheco suffered was not an isolated incident.” This was reported by Spanish media outlet El Salto.

Until now, despite calls from customers, united nations, Spain’s judiciary had rejected all complaints from victims of the dictatorship (1939-1975).

The above asserts the statute of limitations for the crime and above all the Amnesty Act of 1977.

This is a law that allows crimes not only by law enforcement officers but also by political opponents.

Amnesty International Spain also posted a message of support for Pacheco on its X account. “I’m with him today.” The group posted it with the hashtag “#LaPrimeraDe100.”

Source: Biobiochile

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