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Dramatic before and after in Libya after devastating floods where entire families drowned



Emergency services remain at full capacity after Cyclone Daniel passed off the coast of Libya, leaving at least 7,000 people dead and 10,000 missing.

As detailed EFE distributormore than 50 people were rescued by Spanish and Turkish rescue and search teams in a Libyan city. Delna.

In addition to the confirmed deaths, it is estimated that around 30,000 people have been forced to evacuate in the eastern part of the country.

Islam Azzu Officials with local relief authorities in the storm-ravaged city said both teams used heating equipment and specialized dogs to rescue people who had been under the rubble for several days.

Meanwhile, Azouz explained that the rescued people were in good condition at Derna Field Hospital.

In addition, after 17 hours, Torrential rain Two dams collapsed several kilometers from the residential area.

Thus, in just 30 minutes, the cyclone swallowed an entire neighborhood into the sea, taking away entire families who could do nothing to save themselves.

Lutfi Tawfik the Director of Missing Persons Search said search teams had buried more than 2,500 bodies recovered in the coastal city.

“The situation in Derna remains catastrophic and requires adjustments. “It’s difficult between the national team and the international team,” he suggested.

The situation is further exacerbated by the capacity of medical facilities, with three hospitals completely out of commission and the other half only partially functioning.

The United Nations World Meteorological Organization says: The scale of the tragedy may have been reduced If the severity of the storm was known in advance and appropriate measures were taken, such as appropriate evacuation.

In the image below, Pleiades Neo the Airbus observation satellite constellation, was compiled by. european pressIn , you can see the before and after of the desolate area of ​​Derna, where the neighborhood was completely covered in mud.

Source: Biobiochile

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