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Affair in Montenegro: Opened tunnel from the warehouse of the High Court to the apartment



Abazović: The mafia will not defeat the country

An affair broke out in Montenegro after it was discovered at the beginning of the week that strangers dug a tunnel leading from the warehouse of the High Court in Podgorica to an apartment in the building opposite the court.

The warehouse also contained several tons of drugs and other evidence, including weapons. Almost 20 pieces of weapons, which were evidence against the bosses of organized crime groups, are said to have disappeared unofficially.

The underground tunnel, which shocked the Montenegrin public, is 30 meters long, with an opening measuring 70 by 60 centimeters. They found a van believed to belong to the perpetrators, and they are looking for six suspects.

There are no cameras in the warehouse where the evidence is kept until the verdicts are final, but there are cameras in the corridors around. We should know by Monday what exactly has disappeared from the warehouse.

The tunnel was found by chance because one of the employees complained about the draft, the investigators believe that the perpetrators wanted to steal evidence in court cases against members of criminal groups, but it is possible that an escape was also planned. According to media reports, not only the guns disappeared, the perpetrators were most likely foreigners, they deliberately rummaged through the files to find what they were looking for. In any case, it is a big blow to state institutions and the justice system, which does not enjoy excessive trust.

Technical premier Dritan Abazović he says that the mafia will not defeat the state, no matter how financially strong and how much support it has within the system.

The opposition is indignantly asking who allowed Abazović and several ministers to access the crime scene in the first place. In February, the trial of several high-ranking state officials, including the former president of the Supreme Court, as well as the alleged leader of the Cavalry clan, began at the High Court, where the building is also being renovated. Slobodan Kašćelan and several other members.

Source: Rtvslo

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