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‘He has an affinity for brutal communists’: Javier Millay attacks Pope Francis



Javier Millay has renewed his critique of Pope Francis, labeling him as someone who is “on the side of a bloody dictator.”

In a conversation with American journalist and presidential candidate Tucker Carlson, progress of freedom He revealed his hostility towards the leadership of the Catholic Church.

“The Pope is politically active, has strong political influence, and “He has a strong affinity with dictators like Castro and Maduro.” pointed out the opposition candidate.

“So he’s on the side of a bloody dictator.” added in an interview shared by a reporter close to Donald Trump. social network.

The economist then assured the Supreme Pontiff that: “He has an affinity for brutal communists.”

“In fact, he doesn’t condemn them and is quite condescending to the Venezuelan dictatorship.” He emphasized.

Along similar lines, he said, Francis “looks down on all people on the left, even the real murderers.”

“But he’s also someone who sees social justice as a central element, and that’s very complex,” he said.

Defining the concept of social justice as follows: “Stealing the fruits of one person’s labor and giving it to another.” “This is very unfair because it means unequal treatment under the law prior to robbery,” Millais added.

A few days ago, more than 70 Argentine priests rejected Millay’s insults, which described the pope as an “incompetent”, a “disgusting lefty”, a “communist” and a “representative of the evil on earth”. Let’s remember that we held a community mass. . ”

The action involved more than 10,000 parishioners who rallied to defend Pope Francis.

Some government officials attended, including Minister Gabriel Katopodis, Minister Jorge Taiana, Minister Jaime Perchik, and Minister Kelly Olmos.

Source: Biobiochile

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