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Sierra Vera: Court dismisses Larraín Vial and executives in money laundering case



“We knew from the beginning that this case was a strategy orchestrated by Sierra Bella’s defense attorneys. Sierra Bella was trying to implicate us in third-party crimes and tarnish our image and reputation. ,” general manager Andres Tribelli said. Larraín Vial Corredora de Bolsa.

Santiago Court of Appeals rejected Laraine Vial Stock Broker , Francisco Skinner Besoain and Juan Carcamo Gajardo within the framework of the Sierra Bella Clinic case for money laundering investigations.

in particular, Sierra Bella Medical and Obstetric Association filed a complaint in April 2022 accusing the broker of negligence and the corporation of criminal liability; Suspected money laundering of more than $1.7 billion was deposited into a brokerage firm’s investment account in 2018.

According to court, Laraine vial would have complied with regulations

According to the court’s ruling, the aforementioned securities companies and their executives they would have complied with current regulations and internal compliance regulations.

Furthermore, it was shown that Jose Miguel Patueri, one of the convicts and an accomplice of Sierra Vera’s lawyer Isaias Gomez, had the necessary authority to cooperate with Larraín Vial. .

“It is decided that the resolution of June 2 of this year is revoked and that these vehicles continue to be used instead.” definitively fired Francisco Skinner Besoain, Juan Aladino Carcamo Gajardo, the securities company Larraín Vial SA and the legal entity Acesolias e Invergenes Santa Bárbara,” the judgment states.

General Manager of Larraínvial Corredora de Bolsa, Andres Tribelli highlighted the court’s ruling in a statement, pointing out that it “reaffirms the position we have always maintained regarding the fact that the company operates in accordance with current regulations and that we have not committed any crime.”

Mr. Trivelli further added, “We knew from the beginning that this case was an instrumental strategy orchestrated by Sierra Bella’s defense, who were trying to implicate us in a third-party crime; “It was aimed at tarnishing our image and reputation.”

In this sense, the executive concluded by stating that the real culprit “has already confessed to his actions, been sentenced, and is serving the appropriate sentence today.”

Source: Biobiochile

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