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The EU will not extend restrictions on grain imports from Ukraine to the five eastern member states



Kyiv welcomed the commission’s decision

The European Commission has decided not to extend restrictions on grain imports from Ukraine to the five eastern EU member states, which expire at midnight. Poland and Hungary have already announced the extension of the ban.

As noted at the commission, they examined data on the impact of imports of wheat, corn, oilseed rape and sunflower seeds on the EU market.

Thanks to work within the framework of a joint platform involving Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania, and the temporary restriction of imports of these four crops, disruptions in the markets of Ukraine’s neighbors have ended, they added.

“The constructive attitude of all participants in the platform contributed to the solution of concrete problems and ensured smooth or even increased exports to third countries,” they emphasized.

Therefore, they agreed that the measures, according to which it was possible to import four crops into the five eastern member states, would expire today, only if they were intended for transit to other members of the Union or third countries. They were introduced on May 2, and in June they were extended until midnight today.

Ukraine will prevent increased grain exports

At the same time, Ukraine undertook to introduce legal measures to prevent increased grain exports within 30 days. Until then, it must exercise control over the export of wheat, corn, rapeseed and sunflower seeds in order to prevent disruptions in neighboring countries that are part of the Union. He must start monitoring on Saturday and submit an action plan to the common platform by Monday.

The Commission and Ukraine have pledged to monitor the situation through a joint platform they have set up to coordinate imports of Ukrainian grain into the EU.

“The European Commission will refrain from imposing any restrictions as long as Ukraine implements effective measures that are fully operational,” were also recorded in Brussels.

Budapest and Warsaw extend the ban

Following Brussels’ decision, Hungary and Poland announced that they would extend the import ban themselves. “Hungary will close its borders to 24 Ukrainian products,” the Hungarian Minister of Agriculture wrote on Facebook Istvan Nagy. He emphasized that the measure is aimed at protecting the interests of Hungarian farmers, reports the French news agency AFP.

In response, the Polish Prime Minister also said that despite the opposition of the European Commission, they will extend the ban on the import of Ukrainian grain Mateusz Morawiecki. “We will do this because it is in the interest of the Polish farmer,” he said, according to the Polish news agency PAP.

Spokesman of the Polish government Piotr Mueller explained that the decree banning the import of Ukrainian grain will be issued today.

Executive Vice-President of the European Commission responsible for trade, Valdis Dombrovskis called on countries to take a constructive stance. “It would be best for the member states to refrain from unilateral measures and act in accordance with the agreement,” he said at the press conference after the meeting of finance ministers of the EU and Latin America in Spain.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba however, in a response on the social network X, he thanked the European Commission and the member states for their solidarity and the lifting of the ban on the import of agricultural products.

“We will continue to work to ensure stable exports and transit to third countries through solidarity belts and within the framework of a common platform,” he wrote.

Brussels restricted imports in early May after Ukraine’s neighbors ran into trouble due to excessive imports of Ukrainian grain, on which the EU lifted tariffs last June.

There was a build-up of stocks, which put a lot of grain on the market at such low prices that it distorted market conditions. As the situation had not improved by June, the restrictions were extended until midnight today.

Source: Rtvslo

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