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Chile’s Lithium Chamber of Commerce promotes the establishment of the country’s first Shiobara Research Center



The project, with an expected investment of nearly US$5 million, aims to attract university students and academics who want to learn more about the processing and development of lithium, along with other elements present in the salt flats.

In the midst of the “lithium boom,” Chili Lithium Chamber of Mines and European companies MEKB agreed to facilitate the creation of the first research and development center for the mineral resources found in the salt flats.

Through this institution, mining student Scholars and students can conduct a variety of investigations using materials collected from various study centers across the country.

This project will cost approximately the following investment amount 5 million USD He will have 50 hectares of land.The containers to be used as sleeping quarters are expected to be installed between October and November, and the accessories will be provided to researchers. they arrive from germany .

The importance of Shiobara

Chairman of the Chili Lithium Mining Chamber; Luis Gallardo said in a statement: “Chilean salt flats are primarily known for the presence of lithium. However, there are many other elements as valuable as lithium – at least 35 of them – that also need to be studied.”

Gallardo added that at the facility, young university students will learn how to extract and process lithium. “Technology is more advanced in China, and the aim is to be able to start producing competitive technologies in China,” the group’s chairman said.

Finally, a representative from the Chililithium Chamber of Commerce and Industry assured that the center will have a “high-level board” responsible for interaction with universities. “There is also the idea of ​​bringing in teachers specializing in this field and placing highly qualified experts in Chile to develop exports of lithium and other minerals,” he concluded.

Source: Biobiochile

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