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In the midst of a lithium boom: Australia aims to expand battery production



Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said: “Australia’s annual lithium production could be used to make 8.2 million batteries a year, the equivalent of more than a third of all Australian cars.” Stated.

Australia, largest lithium producer increases the production of this metal, cleaner energy which allows manufacturing 8.2 million batteries annually until 2028, as announced by Prime Minister Anthony Albanese this Friday.

Speaking at the Future Energy Forum in Sydney today, the President highlighted the rise of the lithium-powered electric vehicle market, with global sales of these vehicles expected to increase by 55% in 2022 and 121% in Australia in 2022. He said there had been a sudden increase. Comparison between the first half of this year and the same period in 2022.

“By 2027-2028, lithium and base metals “Australians are worth the combined value of thermal coal and metallurgical coal,” he noted.

Therefore, “Australia’s annual lithium production is Produces 8.2 million batteries annually “This equates to more than a third of all cars in Australia,” he concluded.

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Tesla is the benchmark for electric cars | Autolog | Pexel

Increase in demand for electric vehicles

According to the mandatory regulations, already by the end of this decade, demand for materials for electric vehicle batteries is expected to increase fivefold, with 50 new lithium mines, 60 new nickel mines and 17 cobalt mines around the world. It is said that something equivalent to this will be needed. .

In this framework, the Albanese Government has announced that it will soon publish its first report. national battery strategy It details its efforts to boost the battery manufacturing industry and the A$114 million ($73.6 million) investment in its production plants.

“We have already committed to investing up to $100 million in an Australian-made battery facility in Queensland and up to $14 million in the Powering Australian Industrial Growth Center,” he said.

With these investments, “Further refining Australian lithium More products made using Australian lithium means more jobs and economic growth across the supply chain. ”

“While this is good news for the world, it is also a great opportunity for Australia. We are now the world’s largest lithium producer,” he added.

Australia’s ambitious plan to transition to cleaner energy includes an additional A$2.5 billion in funding for renewable hydrogen projects and thousands of new energy learning programs to prepare the market once the energy transition is complete. It also involves the promotion of

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