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Madeline McCann case in jeopardy: Key witness threatens to stop cooperating with investigation



Helge Bussing, a former friend of Christian Bruckner, reported that he had discovered a set of tools that the defendant had obtained to “break into resorts, hotels and villas.”

According to British news reports, the girl’s disappearance was Madeline McCann And charges against suspected German pedophile Christian Bruckner “It’s on the verge of collapse.”

Because the former friend who testified guilty, “Amazing” He then threatened to stop cooperating with the investigation.

The current concerns are: Helge Busching who provided the evidence Christian Bruckner A 45-year-old prime suspect in Madeline’s disappearance from last year is under consideration. Retract your testimony.

Madeline McCann case in jeopardy: Key witness threatens to stop cooperating with investigation
Main Witness | Helge Busching

Although the situation of the incident is delicate, Because it relies heavily on the testimony of the suspect’s former friends; In a conversation about Madeleine’s disappearance, Bruckner claimed to have said: “She didn’t scream.”

Mr. Bussing claims that Mr. Bruckner told him at a kite festival in Spain in 2008 that he was involved in Madeleine’s kidnapping. Praia da Luz one year ago.

Helge only gave Bruckner’s name to British police in 2017, the 10th anniversary of his disappearance.

Man accused of kidnapping Madeleine McCann makes difficult decision

Christian Bruckner When he was charged with kidnapping and murdering Madeleine McCann in May 2007, he took drastic action to maintain his innocence.

He was released from prison where he was serving time for raping a tourist in the same place where the girl disappeared. sent a handwritten letter He claimed that he was not at the location on the day the incident occurred.

In the letter written by the other person, Wolfenbüttel maximum security prison In Germany, Bruckner steadfastly maintains his innocence and says he has not returned to Praia da Luz in the Algarve region since 2006.

According to his statement, this meant he could not have been involved in the girl’s abduction a year later.

Christian also wrote a letter to reaffirm his innocence of the charges against him. Addressed to former friends from my youth.

According to what was reported, mirror, Bruckner would have corresponded with two socialites. Ask them to support him in case the case goes to trial. and testify on their behalf.

His goal is to convince his friends that he was a man of good character and could not have committed the crimes he is accused of.

In his letter, Bruckner also argued that: victim of oppression by police and prosecutors.

This repression, he claims, is reflected in the fact that he is only allowed to leave his cell for a few minutes a day, just for a short walk in the garden.

Furthermore, he emphasized that he had no contact with other prisoners, and as a result, harshly criticizes the judicial authorities.

Source: Biobiochile

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