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BancoEstado: What are the new advantages of CuentaRUT?



BancoEstado has announced a series of improvements that will enable discounts on gas, petrol and clothing. Additionally, there is a $0 fee for checking balances at BancoEstado ATMs and transferring money at CajaVecina and BancoEstado and BancoEstado Express branches.

BancoEstado has implemented a series of innovations in CuentaRUT, a banking system that allows you to have a debit card and works simultaneously with a demand account.

This card can be used by Chileans or foreigners with a valid national identity card.

Please note that in order to sign a contract, a minor must be accompanied by his father, mother or another person who is duly registered in the civil registry.

Now, the bank claimed that CuentaRUT is equipped with facial biometric authentication, an identity verification system that scans the face. Of course, this technology is available to those over the age of 18.

Furthermore, through the transfer of funds to your BancoEstado account, in addition to the functions that allow you to make free trades, you can also perform other functions.

  • Check your balance and request bills at BancoEstado ATMs, CajaVecina, the BancoEstado app, and on our private website.
  • Purchases with Redcompra, Compraquí and WebPay.
  • News about the BancoEstado RUT account

    Recently, the bank announced that customers can now pay with their Android phones without using a physical card (to enable BE Pay, instructions are required from the APP).

    Cost $0

    2,500 BancoEstado ATMs, $0 fee for transfers and balance checks at BancoEstado ATMs. Transfer money at CajaVecina, BancoEstado and BancoEstado Express branches.

    New benefits for BancoEstado clients

    Customers will have access to a range of discounts on supermarkets, fuel, travel, pharmacies, footwear, clothing and more. click here.

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