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Drugs and weapons: Hunter Biden’s issues and controversies (and how they attack the US president)



Hunter Biden has led a controversial life that includes questionable business and romantic relationships in addition to his well-known drug addiction.

This Thursday, the son of the President of the United States, joe biden a new chapter in his history of legal troubles after he was charged with illegally purchasing and possessing weapons.

Specifically, the 53-year-old attorney was accused by Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss of lying on paperwork when purchasing a .38 caliber Colt Cobra.

In the same document, Hunter asserted that “he was not an illegal user or addict of methamphetamines, narcotics, or other controlled substances.”

Next, as detailed by Agencia EFE, he was accused of falsely describing his addiction on his Federal Firearms License (FFL) record.

He was also charged with a separate charge of possessing a weapon without a license due to addiction.

“Harry and I are incredibly lucky to have found love and support for each other during such a difficult time. “This is clear to those who love us the most.” Hunter spoke on the spot. world.

“We’ve been lucky to have family and friends who have supported us every step of the way,” he added. However, that relationship ended soon.

It is noteworthy that his brother’s death deepened his drug problem. It was the same drug that caused him to be expelled from the Navy in 2013. He tested positive for cocaine.

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As detailed EFE distributor, Hunter has admitted in multiple interviews that he has used various types of drugs over the decades. He also dealt with alcohol.

It should also be remembered that last June, the second son of the US president accepted an agreement with the prosecutor’s office to plead guilty to two tax-related charges.

Specifically, he admitted that he had not declared the income he received in 2017 and 2018 to the national treasury, nor had he paid the proceeds. It is known that Hunter resorted to this measure instead of having the prosecutor recommend probation and avoided imprisonment.

The investigation began in 2018 under President Donald Trump and has been used by Republicans since 2020 to target Joe Biden for failing to bring the investigation to a conclusion.

Despite his troubles, the president has repeatedly stood by his son, insisting the accusations are baseless and have political overtones.

“The president and first lady love their son and support him as he continues to try to rebuild his life,” White House Press Secretary Ian Sams said in a statement last June.

Joe Biden’s opponents, especially Republicans, have alluded to Hunter’s problems and criticized the president’s handling of the situation.

in a conversation with bio biochili Juan Ignacio Brito, a scholar at the School of Communication at the University of the Andes and a Cygnos researcher at the university, said that while clearly the latest accusations against Hunter won’t have an immediate impact on Joe Biden, it could. he pointed out. It creates problems for the President of the United States in many ways.

“One of them, probably the main one, is that the trial against Hunter will probably take place next year and then coincide with the presidential campaign, which will probably be between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. ‘ he suggested.

“It would create problems for Biden, it would put him on the defensive in some ways, and it would also allow the Republicans to try to somehow balance the situation between Donald Trump and Joe Biden through Hunter.” I will do that,” he added.

“Second, although not in the same case, potential constitutional charges against President Biden are being assembled by House Republicans, with charges related to his son Hunter and his alleged businesses. I took advantage of the situation with the support of my father,” he added.

Brito noted that Republicans are using Hunter’s father’s name and position to argue that the Biden family will gain some kind of wealth because of Hunter’s business.

“Though they are not directly related, it would give refuge and wings to constitutional charges, at least in terms of public image. In effect, over time, illegally possessing a weapon, “The accusations made against Hunter Biden of lying on paper about his background to obtain that weapon could actually harm Joe Biden,” he elaborated.

Experts say Joe’s image in the polls is already very weak and in a precarious position. “Remember, polls show Mr. Biden and Mr. Trump tied for election, with Mr. Biden’s approval rating today at 39%,” he added. .

“In other words, the president’s approval ratings are very low. And that means that his chances of re-election have been dwarfed even before the latest accusations against his son and the potential constitutional charges in Congress were known. “It’s threatening,” he points out.

Source: Biobiochile

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