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President Erdoğan hints at severing relations with EU after criticism of Turkiye by European Parliament



In its annual report this Wednesday, the European Chamber of Commerce denounced “serious deficiencies” in the rule of law and fundamental rights in Turkey.

President Turkiye, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan warned this Saturday that his government could end relations with the United States. european union The EU accused the country of trying to trigger a severance of relations with the Eurasian country.

“The European Union is working to sever ties with Turkey,” Erdogan said in response to recent criticisms raised by the European Parliament in its annual report on Turkey.

“In this Parliament, we will assess the EU’s efforts to sever ties with Turkey and assess what is happening. After the assessment, we will, if necessary, “We could separate our path from the EU’s.” added the president at a press conference at Ankara airport before departing for New York.

With these statements, he answered questions regarding the annual report adopted by the European Parliament last Wednesday. Condemns ‘serious deficiencies’ in rule of law and fundamental rights In Turkiye.

Tensions between Turkiye and the EU

This is not the first time that a Turkish state or government leader has threatened to end Turkey’s EU accession process, which officially began in 2005 but has been frozen since 2017.

In May of the same year, President Erdoğan demanded that Brussels open a new chapter in the accession process because Turkey would not survive. “I’m waiting like a servant at the door.” And if there is no progress, we will say “goodbye.”

Since then the process has remained stopped.

On the eve of the NATO summit in Vilnius in July, President Erdoğan linked Turkey’s ratification of Sweden’s membership in the Atlantic Alliance to progress in these negotiations, among other demands.

Turkey’s parliament is expected to vote on such ratification next month.

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