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Nova Austral close to closure: court dismisses appeal



The Porvenir Guarantee Court has rejected a request to postpone the creditors’ meeting to be held next Wednesday. Trade unions called on the government to intervene to prevent the company from closing.

company Nova Austral We see that closure coming ever closer. This comes after the Porvenir Guarantee Court this Friday rejected a request to postpone the company’s creditors committee meeting scheduled for next Wednesday 20th.

The request is based on the fact that the company’s main creditors will be absent from the meeting due to judicial litigation in Norway, according to people close to the process. They are mainly represented only by representatives of DNB Bank. the financial institution that requested the liquidation of the salmon farm.

However, the Porvenir court ruled otherwise. “Keeping in mind Article 242 of the Civil Code and the following provisions, we recognize that Law 20,720 is not intended to authorize the conduct exhibited by the parties appearing, as seen from the substance of the case.” Article 8 of the above standard. chapter, It is resolved not to approve the request. Because that is unacceptable. ”

Nova Austral closure: unions on alert

Yesterday’s events alarmed the company’s union, which declared: “We deeply regret and view with great concern that the Porvenir Letters and Guarantee Court did not want to postpone the meeting of creditors to allow all creditors to vote on the future” of the company. ”

They added: “We are amazed at the laziness and lack of humanity of Judge Pablo Acetuno in his decision not to adjourn the session.” Blame over 700 families “For those of us who work in companies, we no longer have a source of work.”

“Likewise, we condemn the actions of DNB Bank, because its decisions do not take into account the reality of all of us Chilean workers and the communities of Porvenir and Magallanes regions,” the statement added. Ta.

Finally, they requested intervention from management to prevent the company from closing. “We urgently call the government, President Gabriel Boric. , urges regional parliamentarians, Provenir courts and all creditors to consider the devastating impact. ”

Source: Biobiochile

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