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A five-year-old girl died in a military plane crash in Italy



None of the injured are in critical condition

A military plane crashed in Italy near Turin during a Sunday flyover exercise to celebrate the centenary of the Italian military aviation. A five-year-old girl died in the accident, the pilot managed to eject.

A five-year-old girl died in the accident after a part of the plane that exploded when it crashed fell on the car she and her family were in. Her nine-year-old brother was reportedly seriously injured, as were both parents.

The pilot managed to eject only a few tens of meters from the ground and is seriously injured. The plane exploded when it fell. None of the injured are in critical condition.

The girl and her parents came to see the aerobatic patrol of the Italian Air Force, which was practicing for a flyover scheduled for Sunday, but it was canceled due to the accident.

Photo: EPA

Source: Rtvslo

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