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Poland announces ban on vehicles with Russian license plates from entering the country



“The Russian state today poses a threat to international security,” said Polish Interior Minister Mariusz Kaminski. Other countries such as Latvia, Finland and Lithuania have adopted similar bans.

Polish Minister of the Interior Marius Kaminski announced that vehicles with Russian license plates will be prohibited from entering Russian territory starting this Sunday.

Kaminsky visited Terespol, on the border with Belarus, and held a press conference there, explaining that the measures were based on recommendations published by the United Nations on September 8. european commission.

“Russian trucks were already banned. That concludes this question. “Russian cars will not come to Poland.” he pointed out.

“This applies to both commercial and private vehicles. no matter who the owner is , a national of Russia or another country. “The rule is that vehicles registered in Russia have no right to enter Poland,” he explained.

Officials said the decision was “part of sanctions imposed on Russia and its people in connection with the brutal war in Ukraine.” “The Russian state poses a threat to international security today.” .

Other countries are like this Latvia, Finland, Lithuania They imposed a similar ban on Russia.

Source: Biobiochile

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