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‘Cities are falling apart’: horrifying hole in New York on the verge of collapse revealed



Two viral videos recorded by different users show a dangerous hole several meters deep in a New York sidewalk, expanding and collapsing under the slightest pressure.

when thinking new york Perhaps concepts such as modernity, innovation and metropolis come to mind, but in fact, like many other cities in the world, this city also has its fair share of problems, and you is.

A video spread on social media by influencer Casey Neistat has made some New Yorkers concerned, as it shows How cracks in sidewalks in the Tribeca area have the potential to become deep death traps.

“It’s like a disaster movie,” the portal said. new york post.

In the scene, captioned “Be careful on New York City sidewalks,” Neistat shows off a small hole, but when he applies some pressure with his foot, it turns into a hole several meters long and deep. Changes to

To better illustrate its size, the influencer picked up her phone and recorded the inside, revealing that there was a kind of cave inside the hole and even the pipes were visible.

“This phenomenon is officially considered a landslide, also known as “falling onto the pavement into a deep, open space without a solid bottom.” They explained to the media in New York.

In a conversation with the city’s transportation department, which is responsible for road infrastructure, they said they would issue a violation to the owner of the sidewalk to “expedite repairs.”

During that time, the area will be sealed off to avoid any accidents.



♬ Original song – Casey Neistat

After the video was published, some users joked that Neistat had found “Old York” and could rent the space for at least $600, calling out the high rental prices in the area. I hinted.

“Don’t show this to a New York City landlord. They’re going to advertise a one-bedroom studio with a skylight for $3,000 a month,” another joked.

urban decline

Influencer Ian Miles Chong pointed this out on Twitter. “New York City is literally falling apart and no one is doing anything about it.”

And you’d be right, because this isn’t the first time this kind of hole has been revealed in New York City.

Another video posted on TikTok in July by user @joey.bonbon reveals another crack in the sidewalk, revealing its depth and even a train passing underneath. “The sidewalks are literally falling apart,” he said.

Joey explained that the hole was directly above the Spring Street subway station, and if it collapsed, he could fall into the tunnel.

At the time, the Department of Transportation (DOT) said, “Roads, like all infrastructure, deteriorate over time due to wear and use, weather, heat, freeze and thaw, and precipitation.”

@JoeyBonBon New York sidewalks will soon be without power. #Soho #new york ♬ Original song – Joey Bonbon

In 2020, a 33-year-old man was injured after a sidewalk collapsed in the Bronx, causing him to fall approximately 4 meters deep.

building weight

Another infrastructure issue affecting New York is the weight of buildings. This was reported in a study published last May in the journal Earth’s Future, which showed that the city appears to be sinking under the overwhelming weight of its iconic skyscrapers.

That would leave New York vulnerable to rising sea levels and flooding from hurricanes.

The geological subsidence process, in which sediments move and settle, appears to be occurring particularly rapidly in certain areas of the city, the study found.

And this situation is not only affecting Manhattan, but also areas across the East River in Queens and Brooklyn.

Researchers from the U.S. Geological Service and the University of Rhode Island said the megacity is “underwater” by 1 to 2 millimeters per year, but the situation could be worse depending on the area and the weight it supports.

“New York faces significant challenges from flood risk.” “North America’s Atlantic coast faces three to four times the threat from sea level rise than the global average,” the researchers warn. “This city of 8.4 million people faces varying degrees of risk of flooding.”

The research paper states that the ‘Big Apple’ is ‘representative of growing coastal cities around the world where subsidence has been observed, meaning there is a universal challenge to reduce increasing flood risk.’ He points out.

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