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Drones were shot down in Moscow and Crimea. Damaged oil storage in Orel province.



In the Orel region of southwestern Russia, a Ukrainian drone damaged an oil storage facility

The Russian Defense Ministry announced that air defense prevented an attack by drones on Moscow this morning, and six more drones were reportedly shot down over the coast of the occupied Crimean peninsula in southern Ukraine.

The Ministry of Defense in Moscow announced that the Russian air defense stopped six drones along the western, northwestern and eastern coasts of Crimea.

Report on Telegram did not clarify whether there was any damage or injuries in Crimea.

They are also supposed to prevent a drone attack on Moscow, specifically the districts of Istria and Shoulders.

“There was no damage or casualties at the place where the remains of the aircraft fell. Members of the rescue services on place of occurrence,” is in the message on the Moscow mayor wrote to the Telegram network, according to the French news agency AFP Sergey Sobyanin.

A total of six flights were canceled at several Moscow airports, and at least 30 more were delayed. Cancellations and postponements of flights in the face of increasingly frequent threats due to Ukrainian drone attacks have already become a common move of the Russian authorities.

Damaged oil storage

Meanwhile, in southwestern Russia’s Orel province, a Ukrainian drone damaged an oil storage facility early this morning, causing a fuel tank fire that was quickly extinguished, the local governor said. Andrey Klitschko. At the same time, he announced that there were no victims in the attack.

Klitschko did not explain whether they were on the warehouse fell by the remains of a downed aircraft or was hit by an aircraft in an attack.

Meanwhile, he is the secretary of the Ukrainian Security Council Oleksiy Danilov urged Ukraine’s allies to speed up the supply of weapons, as this is the only way to end the war.

“For example, the total or partial destruction of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, which is feasible, would greatly accelerate the process of Russia’s search for a way out of the war,” he announced Danilov.

Source: Rtvslo

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