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Be careful when going to the ATM: what to consider to prevent “high costs” when withdrawing money



Especially during the holidays, when people need cash to purchase goods, they rely on reliable ATMs (almost) all the time. However, as in any other field, you need to be aware of certain situations that can lead to problems such as fraud and theft.

If you perform an action repeatedly, you can make mistakes. without them noticing . The above applies both to work issues, such as work at home and other menial tasks. It’s like going to an ATM to withdraw money.

Automatic teller machines are usually some degree of supervision with personnel who monitor and protect those withdrawing funds, or through surveillance cameras.

Nevertheless, users of ATM (Automated teller machines) are at risk of having your passwords, cards, or withdrawn money stolen.

The above happens even more before and during parties and celebrations. September 18th much of the food is paid in cash and requires you to go to the register.

For this reason, A series of tips to consider when withdrawing the ticket. And you reduce your chances of fraud and theft, which unfortunately can be costly.

Be careful with your password when going to the ATM

To withdraw money from an ATM, you need two things: card and key usually a four-digit number associated with that card.

it is extremely important take care of both factors One of these two allows criminals to get their hands on the assets in the account associated with your card, so be careful when you go to withdraw money.

In other words, get the money .

Two people: one person covers the numeric code of the ATM and the other person makes the payment with the digital machine
Covering the keyboard when entering accounts both at ATMs and in stores | Sebastian Ganso | Jonas | Pixabay

For this reason, Financial Markets Committee (CMF) mentions a series of aspects to consider.

Some of these concerns privacy protection. secret password , Avoid sharing, memorize (Don’t write it down).

That’s also relevant. change regularly However, if someone obtains it but does not use it, they will no longer have access to our bank account.

Another aspect highlighted is common to anything that uses passwords (social networks, email, applications, etc.). The hardest thing to guess Possible. For this type of numeric-only key, we recommend the following: Avoid date of birth A person’s name or house number.

Furthermore, it is important to note that Foreign matter on machine surface Because it corresponds to a camera that records hand movements and has the possibility to display the keys associated with the card.

This also applies to card cloning.

Police officer holding clone element of card
Micro camera (top) and skimmer (bottom) used to clone cards.Pablo Ovalle Isasmendi | UNO Agency

Precautions when operating ATMs

Well, at that point, Operate at ATM CMF also recommends:

respect the line and, safe distance towards the person in front of you.Avoid withdrawals and operations with people unknown located very close .

You should also avoid following advice from strangers . On the contrary, you should only follow the instructions provided on the ATM itself or on the premises where the ATM is installed.

The important thing is to count your money carefully. Please understand how. Avoid reviewing out loud in front of everyone

news remove card Once you finish using the ATM, please wait until the screen starts up again. At that point, the machine has finished processing the user’s data.

If requested Please save your receipt To prevent it from falling into the hands of third parties, do not throw it into the container on the side of the ATM.

Please Confirm bank balance like everything is like that square .

since then Belisle They recommend keeping your money and cards in separate pockets so you don’t lose everything “if it gets stolen or your wallet is pulled out.”

People operating Banco Estado ATM
Always look behind and to the side | Maribel Fornerod | UNO Agency

As always, in these types of situations where theft or fraud attempts may occur, you should exercise caution and make decisions at the time if necessary. stop working If there is a suspicious person behind you, or inform staff Security in case of strange or disturbing behavior.

inside Prevention is the key ;This is very important for home safety, when driving, or when withdrawing your hard-earned money from an ATM.

Source: Biobiochile

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