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After 5 days in Russia: Kim Jong Un returns to North Korea by armored train



North Korea’s supreme leader has been honorably dismissed by the Russian military. Before boarding the train, he was given five suicide drones, one reconnaissance drone, and a bulletproof vest.

supreme leader of north korea, Kim Jong-un departed from Russia’s Far East for the border this Sunday aboard an armored train, concluding a visit that began on Tuesday. Kim’s overseas visit will be his longest since taking office. in 2011.

Russian news agency Rianovosti reported, “The departure ceremony for the leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea was held at Artyom Primorye 1 station, where Kim Jong Un’s armored train had already stopped.” “The train headed for the Hasan border crossing. The distance is about 250 kilometers,” TASS said.

Hours earlier, TASS reported that the North Korean leader said: Received 5 kamikaze drones, a reconnaissance drone, and a bulletproof vest as gifts. The region’s governor, Oleg Kozemiako, said the North Korean leader had been provided with a “bulletproof kit for violent acts” and “special clothing that will not be detected by thermal cameras.”

Russia bids farewell to Kim

North Korean leader fired Honor guard and military orchestra of the Russian Pacific Fleet. Before leaving, Kim visited Russia’s Far Eastern Federal University on Russky Island in Vladivostok.

Kim and his entourage walked along the university’s promenade, which is located in an educational center where North Korean students also study. This is Kim’s second time setting foot on Far Eastern University’s campus, having met with Russian President Vladimir Putin during his previous visit to the country in 2019.

This was reported by North Korea’s state news agency KCNA. “Enthusiastic and warm” The atmosphere of this metropolis in Russia’s Far East is “A new era of friendship, solidarity and cooperation begins.” in the history of bilateral relations.

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