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Libya’s death toll rises to 11,300 due to Cyclone Daniel



In addition, another 10,000 people remain missing, according to the latest UN report.

Death toll in Libya due to devastating Cyclone Daniel increased to 11,300 It was announced this Saturday in the city of Derna. United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (Tea).

Another 10,100 people remain missing In the city, according to the agency’s latest report. The disaster also killed 170 people elsewhere in the country’s east.

“This number is expected to increase as search and rescue teams work tirelessly to find survivors,” the agency said.

“The humanitarian situation in Derna remains particularly challenging,” the report added. The city is experiencing serious drinking water problems. At least 55 children died from poisoning after drinking contaminated water .

In the area close to the scene of the tragedy, after years of armed conflict, There is a danger of anti-personnel mines It is a threat to civilians seeking refuge at sea and entering these locations on foot.

This data contrasts with the latest official figures provided by the Libyan government’s Ministry of Health, which showed a death toll of 3,166.

“These numbers are expected to increase in the coming days and weeks as search and rescue teams work tirelessly to find survivors,” OCHA’s report notes.

Aid supplies are arriving in the North African country as the world rallies to support emergency services dealing with the effects of deadly flooding.

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