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Kiev expects from Berlin the supply of Taurus missiles, which Germany did not promise



Kuleba: Delivery of Taurus missiles is only a matter of time

The German government under the leadership of Olaf Scholz is facing the most difficult decision yet in relation to aid to Ukraine. Ukraine is persistently asking for long-range Taurus missiles, which are made by a German and Swedish manufacturer.

A decision is expected to be made within a week or two. Scholz must weigh the risks to Germany’s security in the event that Taurus missiles land on Russian territory. In this case, Germany could be perceived as a party involved in the war.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba is during the visit of a German colleague Analene Baerbock said last Monday that Ukraine expects Russian attacks on energy infrastructure and cities. He added that they also need air defense systems to protect ports so they can export grain around the world.

Kuleba also said that Germany will be Ukraine “sooner to deliver Taurus long-range missiles, it’s only a matter of time, and I don’t understand why we’re losing it again.”

German politicians did not promise Taurus to Ukraine. Chancellor Scholz, whose hesitation is criticized even in the coalition, weighs what it would mean if a superior weapon with a range of 500 km hit Russian territory.

The Ukrainians could point the aforementioned missiles at Crimea. In every way, Scholz wants to avoid Germany becoming a participant in the war. Public opinion polls show that the citizens of Germany are reluctant on the issue of long-range missile deliveries.

Member of Parliament of the Left Andrej Konstantin Hunko said at recent protests: “Most people are against the delivery of the Taurus to Ukraine. That has changed. There was not so much resistance to the previous arms deliveries. But now people see the need to send more and more weapons. It just doesn’t stop.”

It is currently being checked whether Germany could modify the Taurus software and significantly reduce the missile’s range, as well as whether Ukrainian forces would be able to use this high-tech weapon.

Source: Rtvslo

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