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European Commission President visits Lampedusa and presents plan to tackle migration crisis



Accompanied by Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, Ursula von der Leyen said: “We must decide who joins the European Union, not the traffickers,” adding: “The future of Europe is at stake. “

president of european commission,German Ursula von der Leyen this Sunday on the Mediterranean island of Lampedusa, announced an emergency plan to help Italy manage record migrant arrivals on its territory.

EU officials visited the region together with the Italian Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni and was in an immigrant reception center in a collapsed town.

After the tour, the European director Presented a 10-point aid plan It aims to manage the current situation, better distribute asylum seekers among the bloc’s member states and prevent a repeat of events such as the arrival of large numbers of people that would overwhelm Italy’s logistics and administrative systems.

“I came to Lampedusa to say that illegal immigration is a European problem and requires a European response.” said von der Leyen. The announced program also aims to update European legislation against human trafficking and define new legal and safe humanitarian corridors.

Plans to tackle Lampedusa’s migrant crisis

Similarly, von der Leyen promised Strengthen aerial surveillance of the Mediterranean coordinating with countries of origin protocols for the safe return of migrants who do not meet European asylum conditions, through European institutions such as Frontex.

“We must decide who belongs to the European Union, not the traffickers.” said continental authorities.

“What is at stake here is the future that Europe wants for itself, because Europe’s future depends on its ability to face big challenges,” Meloni said.

“This is Italy’s border, but it is also Europe’s border. If anyone in Europe thinks that they can solve the world crisis by leaving us Italians alone, they are mistaken,” he said. added.

Residents of the island were angered by the arrival of so many migrants and greeted European officials at the airport. they threatened to disrupt the procession . “We will do everything we can,” Meloni replied. “As always, I take personal responsibility,” he added.

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