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In the last year, several million dollars worth of Halliburton equipment was exported to Russia



Halliburton says it respects sanctions against Russia

Russian customs data show that more than $7.1 million worth of equipment manufactured by American multinational Halliburton was exported to Russia last year, after it announced the suspension of operations in Russia.

Last September, Halliburton, one of the largest providers of products and services for the exploitation of oil and gas, sold its subsidiary in Russia to the local government, amid pressure on American companies to stop trading with Russia after its invasion of Ukraine.

The British Guardian newspaper had access to Russian customs data, which show that Halliburton’s subsidiaries exported $5.7 million worth of equipment to Russia in the six weeks following the September 8 sale.

The equipment was exported mainly from the US and Singapore, although the data shows that it originated from various countries, including the UK, Belgium and France.

Most of the subsidiaries’ exports ended on October 6, but the last shipment of Halliburton’s company (Halliburton MFG) to Russia was on October 24, worth $2,939.40.

It was sent from Malaysia to the Sakhalin Energy consortium, which was developing the Sakhalin 2 gas and oil project in eastern Russia. The Russian state gas company Gazprom is also among the investors.

Then there was a short break, after which the export of Halliburton equipment to Russia resumed in December 2022. The equipment was exported by companies unrelated to the American multinational. The products were shipped from Turkey.

In total, after the end of Halliburton’s operations in this country, at least $7.1 million worth of equipment from this American manufacturer was sold to Russia.

98 percent of that equipment was exported to former Halliburton company BurService, which was spun off from Halliburton last year. This company does business with Russian companies such as Gazprom, Rosneft, TNK-BP and Lukoil.

Russian customs data show that exports of Halliburton equipment to Russia continued at least until the end of June this year. Fresh data is not yet available.

According to the Guardian, this case shows the problems multinational companies have with cutting off trade and controlling the distribution of their products through third parties.

There is no indication that the companies have violated sanctions

Halliburton is not the only American company whose equipment has been coming to Russia at least recently. Halliburton’s rival Baker Hughes sold its company in Russia nine months after the Russian attack on Ukraine, and another rival, SLB, which is said to have 9,000 employees in Russia, only announced in July this year that it would stop exporting technology to Russia.

There is no indication that any of these companies have violated sanctions imposed on Russia by the United States and its Western allies.

A Halliburton spokesman said the company was the first major oil drilling services company to pull out of Russia under sanctions. They have not been operating in this country for over a year, he said.

Halliburton’s products are expected to be exported to that country in the days and weeks following the end of operations in Russia because the sales dates were set late.

Glib Kanevskiihead of the Kyiv-based think tank StateWatch, said Western countries need to do more to persuade their larger companies to better control the distribution of products that could benefit the Russian economy.

Source: Rtvslo

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