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More than 200 Eritreans arrested after riots in Germany: 32 injured



Eritrea’s opposition wanted to block the event by supporters of its government. More than 30 people, including 26 police officers, were injured in the violent clashes that followed.

More than 200 supporters gathered Some Eritrean dissidents have been arrested in Germany after clashes with security forces in Stuttgart (Baden-Württemberg), police announced this Sunday.

Clashes broke out on Saturday night, when opposition supporters allegedly attempted to attack. Attacking an event organized by supporters of the Eritrean government .

Stuttgart’s deputy chief of police, Carsten Hofle, said around 300 security force members were involved in “massive violence” between the two groups.

In addition, 32 people were injured in the collision Police said the group included 26 operatives, four government activists and two opposition supporters.

About 90 government supporters and hundreds of opposition supporters clashed. They refused to go to the places designated by authorities to hold protests. , which led to the arrest of 228 people, Hoffl explained. Police were attacked with bats, nails, metal rods, bottles and stones.

German Interior Minister Nancy Feser strongly condemned the violence He also prayed for the injured police officer’s early and complete recovery.

“Foreign disputes should not be resolved in our country.” he said, adding that perpetrators of violence must be held accountable.

This is the second clash in recent months at an Eritrean event held in Germany.

In July, 26 police officers injured, more than 100 arrested At the Eritrean Music Festival in Giessen.

Similar violence recently occurred in Israel, which has a large Eritrean refugee population.

Eritrea gained independence from Ethiopia in 1993. Since then, it has been ruled by independence hero Isaias Afwerki, who established a one-party government in which all opposition was severely suppressed.

Source: Biobiochile

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