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The Ukrainian army liberated the village of Klishivka. Kiev to sue three countries over grain restrictions.



Chinese and Russian foreign ministers meet again

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that the Ukrainian army captured the village of Klishchevka, which lies south of the city of Bakhmut in the Donetsk region. At the same time, Kiev announced that they would sue Poland, Hungary and Slovakia due to grain export restrictions.

“Today I especially want to praise the soldiers who are returning to Ukraine step by step what is hers, especially in the vicinity of Bakhmut,” Zelenski said in a regular nightly video address. At the same time, he added that Kiev is preparing a new defense strategy for Ukraine, in which air defense and artillery will be at the forefront.

“Kliščivka is cleansed of Russians,” however, the commander of the Ukrainian ground forces announced on social networks Oleksandr SirskiDeputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Hana Maliar however, she shared a video of the Ukrainian army hoisting the Ukrainian flag in the village. The Ukrainian government announced just a few hours later that it had dismissed Maliar and five other deputy ministers.

The village of Klishcivka was captured by Ukrainian forces a few days after they also liberated the village of Andrijivka, which is also south of Bahmut.

Spokesman of the Ukrainian army Ilja Jevlas he explained that control of Klitschivka could help Ukraine encircle Bahmut. “We have acquired an outpost that will allow us to continue the offensive in the future and liberate our land from the occupiers,” he added.

Kliščivka, where several hundred people lived before the start of the Russian invasion, was captured by Russian troops in January.

Before Zelensky’s visit to the White House

The victories on the battlefield are especially important for Ukraine, as Zelensky will visit Washington this week to seek further US support. This will be his second visit to the White House since Russia invaded Ukraine last February.

In Kiev, they added that they shot down all 17 Russian missiles during the night, as well as 18 of the 24 shahed drones.

The drone fell near the Bulgarian resort

Bulgaria announced that it had sent a special team to the area of ​​the Black Sea resort of Tjulenovo, where a drone carrying explosives fell on Sunday evening. After the examination, they will decide how to remove it.

The tourist town of Tjulenovo is located 70 kilometers from the Romanian border, on the other side of the Crimean peninsula, which was unilaterally annexed by Russia in 2014.

Ukraine will sue Poland, Hungary and Slovakia

Ukraine plans to sue Poland, Hungary and Slovakia at the World Trade Organization (WTO) over the unilateral extension of restrictions on grain imports from Ukraine despite the European Union’s decision not to extend the restrictions, a Ukrainian trade representative said Taras Kačka. “In our eyes, these actions are an expression of complete distrust of the European Commission. It is important to prove that these actions are legally wrong. Therefore, we will initiate legal proceedings,” Kačka announced on Sunday.

He pointed out that the open opposition of Poland, Hungary and Slovakia to Brussels is not only an internal matter of the EU, but also a question of whether international trading partners can trust that Brussels speaks on behalf of the EU.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi will hold talks with his Russian counterpart Lavrov.  Photo: Reuters

The European Commission decided on Friday not to extend restrictions on grain imports from Ukraine to Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania. Warsaw, Budapest and Bratislava then announced their own unilateral import bans. Slovakia only extended EU restrictions on four types of grain. Poland introduced additional restrictions on Ukrainian flour and feed. Hungary, as Kačka said, went a step further and banned the import of an additional 25 products.

While Hungary’s additional bans are mostly symbolic, Polish measures will affect a significant part of Ukrainian exports, he estimated and warned against retaliatory measures by Kiev, among which he listed as possible the ban on the import of fruits and vegetables from Poland.

Ji-Lavrov meeting announced

The Chinese Foreign Ministry announced that a foreign minister will come to Russia on Monday for a four-day visit Wang Jiwho is also expected to meet with the Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrovwith whom they will discuss security issues and strengthening cooperation on the international scene.

Source: Rtvslo

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