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Bernardo Arevalo submits amparo to Guatemala’s Supreme Court



Bernardo Arevalo was elected President of Guatemala.

Bernardo Arevalo was elected President of Guatemala.

Guatemala’s next president, Bernardo Arevalo, announced on September 18 of this year that he would submit Amparo to the Supreme Court, demanding “the restoration of constitutional order” and the removal of Attorney General Consuelo Porras. and two other important Guatemalan government officials. The decision was communicated through a video published on the company’s social network X (formerly Twitter).

“Recognizing that we are on the side of justice and the Constitution, we demand the restoration of constitutional order and call for the removal of Attorney General Consuelo Porras, FECI Prosecutor, Mr. Rafael Crusice, and Amparo. Judge Freddy Orellana betrayed the authority vested in him by the people and used his power to deny the people their right to live in a democracy and to be ruled by the people of their free and conscious choice. officials who deny it,” Arevalo said. .


Arevalo also condemned attacks on election facilities, during which public officials opened ballot boxes and took photos of their contents. The president-elect called for the resignation of the Attorney General of the Republic, Consuelo Porras, Judge Freddy Orellana, and other officials of the current government.

The complaint filed by the president-elect was filed in a multi-member court of first instance, alleging crimes against Guatemala, drug activity and the environment.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of People’s Affairs said: “As president-elect, he must respect the political constitution of the republic and the laws of the country, as he is aware of the laws and procedures legally established for this purpose.


FECI Section Prosecutor Rafael Koursis recently said in a statement to local media that the raids would continue. He asserted that they have no direct connection to the president-elect’s political party, the Semira Movement.

Krušice wanted to be clear on this point so that Semilla “cannot become a victim or rely on international institutions.”

As Guatemala’s next president, Mr. Arevalo recently accused Mr. Porras of orchestrating a coup d’état to prevent him from seizing power.


The Supreme Court’s protection calls for the removal of Attorney General Consuelo Porras and other government officials, as well as the “reestablishment of constitutional order.”

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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